Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Madness!

Intrepid Glenns Sophomores from Mathews County braved the elements to check water quality on the Dragon Run today.  Even in lousy, cold, drizzly weather the Dragon is a beautiful place.  The water was really clear and beautiful and the cyprus trees just seem ready to get on with Spring.  JW, Nicholas and Lance did a great job sampling, starting off at about 35 minutes per site and ending up at a  record 12 minute pace at our final site!  The titration team did an awesome job on dissolved oxygen values.  We got a bit of a jolt when a tree just randomly fell into the Dragon with a loud crash and splash- really cool to experience!  We love the iPad, just enter the data, upload and you're done!

Monday, January 27, 2014

January Water Quality- Wear a Coat!

The Glenns Campus Water Quality Crew braved snowy, frigid conditions to sample the Dragon Run this month.  Our intrepid team advised Mrs. Beam that they "don't get cold" and so did not need coats.  After Mrs. Beam showed them the meaning of cold, 35 degrees and breezy conditions on the upper Piankatank, everyone agreed that coats were important field gear!  Our cool new waders worked great as Breana tested them as much as she possibly could without needing water wings.  Most importantly, our new iPad data entry system was awesome, where we broke up into work teams: D.O. titrators, and other parameters, and Julianna entered everyone's data and took pictures.  This is great because it saves us the tedious step of manual data entry back at school, saving time by eliminating a step.  So we proof the data, upload it and boom!  it's done.  Thanks to our partners at the Virginia Environmental Endowment and the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund for making this technology available to us!  Hopefull February will be a tad warmer!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Water Quality Monitoring at CBGS

Students and faculty at Chesapeake Bay Governor's School have been monitoring the health of several important waterways in our local area for many years.  Each campus of CBGS has adopted a creek to study and students from that site venture out monthly and measure a variety of water quality indicators at several locations along the creek.  This work has been graciously supported by a number of partners through grant funding and training.  We would like to thank: Virginia Environmental Endowment, Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund, Northern Neck Land Conservancy, Friends of the Rappahannock and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.  Students learn through the hands-on application of knowledge, get experience taking care of the environment in their own community and give back by protecting their corner of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.